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Design a product/interface system that improve health and wellness.


Product/interface that supports your everyday health through Eastern Medicine.

The Team


Design Criteria


    Provide a choice of Eastern Medicine as more natural and sustainable alternative to Western Medicine.


    Easy simple habit that busy users in modern life can add to their daily routine.


    Preventative goes long way, but needs to be done every day. Not occasionally.


    Communicate with your body daily, as active healthcare. Not just seeing a doctor when you are not doing well.

What Do People Think About Eastern Medicine?

  • Dana

    (Practices daily)

    It’s part of life. I take Western Medicine if it is urgent, but I try not to. I am a believer because it works for me!

  • Sean

    (Tried several times)

    My mother cooked the herbs for me, but the smell and taste was awful! I also couldn’t see the direct result

  • William

    (Never tried)

    It’s little hokey, but I don’t really trust any medicine in general. I like how it is better for the environment.

  • Nicole

    (Practiced in the past)

    It made my symptoms so much better. I like how I felt I was in control of my body. Price was very reasonable too.

  • Angela

    (Only tried acupuncture)

    I need to see numbers that show that it works. I would choose if it is easier than getting supplement drugs.

  • Mark-Anthony


    Works best with both herbs and acupuncture. I subscribe herbs in pill format because all my customers are Non-Asian, and it is easier for them.

Initial Ideation

Ideation evolved around team brainstorm followed by quick mock-up and tested through roll play.

Concept A: Scraper + e-ink clothing
Concept B: Tumbler with food scan lid
Concept C: Mirror + herb blender

From user feedback, we chose Concept C as the direction to go with.

What Does Meiri Mean?

Meiri means “every day” in Mandarin Chinese. We wanted our users to notice the subtle change in their body condition every day.

What Does Brand Meiri Represent?

Unlike other product with futuristic UI/UX, we wanted to achieve warmer atmosphere with Meiri. Here are some keywords for Meiri brand:




All three were refined weekly to find the best scenario of the system.

Evolution of Scenario

Three big changes made in weekly refinement:

  • Automatic herb blender
  • Pill made within blender
  • Multi user scenario
  • Guide users to blend herbs
  • Pill sold separately
  • Keep it personal use

UI Flow Chart

iOS Prototype

Product Features

Lid on Herb Jar sense the opening. Charged via tray.
Mirror can be used as hand-held, or hung on wall.

Installation for Final Presentation

Final Model on display
We built a wall to embed screens behind to show interface in motion


Very Special Thanks to:

[team Meiri]

  • Michelle F.
  • Moon Q.
  • Junjun S.
  • Brian B.
  • Dana D.
  • Nicole E.
  • Chi Ching F.
  • William G.
  • Jeff H.
  • Takafumi I.
  • Mark-Anthony J.
  • Sai J.
  • Angela L.
  • Alaina M.
  • Sean W.

for Interviews, Advice, and Support.