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Creative Remix


Remix creativity around a theme that appeals to you. The key is to create multiple variations of a theme to be discussed.


What if, social media brands were eyewears?
Create quick and dirty prototypes to explore.

Thought Process


  • Capture of moments
  • Personal but curated
  • Signature filters
  • Analogue feel

Looking Through Filters

Represent the filter with vignette on lenses. Wood and leather is used to match their analogue-like branding.


  • Posts and stories disappear
  • Sharing momentary experience
  • Young and liberal vibe
  • Lenses and Face swap

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Paper is chosen as material to represent momentary. Slits also shows the ability to limit who sees what.


  • Showcasing your taste
  • Big population of crafty moms
  • Scrapbook of your own

Look What I Love

You can showcase and represent things you love by pinning images to this frame made out of cork.


  • Swipe right, swipe left
  • Simple UI
  • Casual hookup
  • Relies heavily on selfie photos

It’s a Match!

The person who sees themself through the mirror on one lens will have an instant match with the one wearing.

Wearing Glasses

Special Thanks

Very Special Thanks to:

Fridolin.B for Advice, and Support.

Everyone who tried on my glasses!